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The role of Companies House is to register and incorporate limited companies. It also has the authority to dissolve them. It stores, records and examines information about all types of companies (which it has received from various forms) and also makes this available to the public.

Companies House can accept or reject any application in the UK that is made to it and all companies must register their incorporation with it. The more organised you are with your formation details and your choice of company name when you start, the smoother the registering process will be for your business.

When companies have been formed, they need to regularly file certain information at Companies House. Annual returns and accounts need to be filed once a year without fail, and any changes to your company address or the details about shareholders or directors need to be sent to Companies House.

Failure to disclose this information is a criminal offence and directors and company secretaries will suffer penalties as a result, generally in the form of fines. The company may even be struck off the register if it is believed to no longer be trading.

Keep up to date records and know your deadlines.

Using a formation agent and a qualified accountant can help with deadlines for forms being filed at Companies House, to avoid missing deadlines and putting your company at risk.

You can contact Companies House by post, telephone (0870 3333636) or visit their website ( for further information.